Primal Principles

The Foundation of Latitude Health Coaching Program

While our day to day lives are entirely different, human beings have not evolved for centuries. Our metabolic needs are the same as our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Although it may seem out of reach, achieving optimal health does not have to be complicated. Despite our modern, hectic, technology-driven culture, our bodies are naturally wired for peak health and performance. Learning how to control gene expression through optimal nutrition, movement, play, and sleep allows us to achieve our highest degree of wellness.

Your personal health coach will show you how to implement primal principles into your life to maximize and maintain your results.

Optimal Health Requires a Lifestyle
Change, Not a Crash Diet

To improve our physical and mental health, we must learn to apply Primal principles to our modern lives. Our days are busy today, but Primal habits are simple and key to preventing illness and achieving the lives we were meant to live

Making the Switch to a Primal Way of Eating

Primal alignment focuses on fueling your body with whole foods, with an emphasis on fat. Not all fat is created equally. You’ll still want to avoid the fat from deep-fried foods coated in canola oil, but eating healthy fats from animal products, full-fat dairy, nuts, and other whole-food sources allow you to tap into stored body fat to use as energy.

Consuming carbohydrates triggers your body to burn sugar for energy. When you limit carbs, your body switches to using stored fat as fuel and begins burning your body’s fat stores. This is the same excess fat that contributes to heart disease, high cholesterol, endocrine disorders, and more. 

Focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods creates immediate improvements in the way you feel and function. You will likely notice improvements in energy, digestion, sleep quality, and increased mood stability in just weeks. 

Reducing the amount of processed foods and take-out you eat will not only trim your waistline, but also your budget.

A 21-Day Journey to a More Healthful Lifestyle

Committing to primal eating practices for just 21 days can jump-start your journey to the best health possible. When you return to an ancestral way of eating and exercising, your body is optimally fueled, adequately energized, and well-rested. 

Focusing on whole foods, animal products, and healthy fats eliminates the need to count calories, macronutrients, or arbitrary points. You don’t have to weigh and measure your food. There are no meetings to attend, or apps to buy and download. You are free to eat until satiety, and exercise for pure enjoyment. The benefits you’ll see go far beyond physical appearance; they can improve all aspects of your life as you and your family are elevated to the highest degree of wellness.