When was the last time you were afraid of something? I don’t mean bear chasing you in the woods fear, but afraid of something in life?

Most of us fear change because it makes us uncomfortable. We don’t like the idea of stepping outside of our routines, or our comfort zones. We don’t want to be vulnerable or open ourselves up to criticism.

My family recently moved into a new neighborhood full of other families with young children. My husband and I committed to making new friends and I was excited to connect with other moms. This all sounded great in theory but as a natural introvert, this really scared me.

I see other moms and their kids walking and playing in the neighborhood daily, there is a very active neighborhood Facebook group, yet I still hesitate to put myself out there. I could just strike up a conversation at the park, but that if the other mom’s think that’s weird? What if they are already friends and aren’t looking to expand their tribe? What if I say the wrong thing? What if we have nothing in common?

If I let the fear of rejection keep me from putting myself out there to make new friends, I will miss out on the amazing community we now call home. Not every person I meet is going to become my new bestie, but I gain confidence with each play date, and who knows, I just may find some amazing friends along the way.

If we avoid change because it makes us uncomfortable, or because the “what if’s” scare us, we miss out in the opportunity for incredible personal growth. If we are searching for a change, we are not happy where we are. Is being unhappy a better alternative to being uncomfortable and fearful of something better? What if you do reach your goals? What if being uncomfortable and pushing yourself means you end up with a life you never thought possible?