Choosing a Coach

You have spent hours scrolling Instagram and Facebook, visiting various websites and looking at #transformationtuesday photos, thinking about working with a health coach. Should you hire a plant-based coach? Keto is all the rage, maybe that is the route you should take? What about the coach who only eats fruit smoothies or shakes?

There are endless options in the world of wellness. So how do you find the coach that is right for you?

If you are like I used to be, it is scary to be brutally honest about where you are in your health journey. It’s raw, vulnerable and sometimes ugly. There may be some habits you have that are embarrassing or even painful to admit and talk about. There may be fears and anxieties or questions you have that you are not comfortable discussing with friends and family. It may be upsetting to take a hard look in the mirror and know you are not satisfied with what you see.

Though the process may seem overwhelming, a coach will guide you every step of the way. It is their honor to help you achieve your goals and to watch you grow. Into a healthy, happy confident client. There is no such thing as too late when it comes to starting a health journey.

So you decide to invest in yourself and hire a coach, Choosing the right coach is important. There are many things to consider. How do you learn best? Do you want 1:1 coaching or would you prefer the community a group program offers? Do you want to receive written materials or is audio content better for you?

Do you have dietary restrictions you want to honor? What is your lifestyle like? What are your goals? This are all important questions to ask yourself when searching for a health coach.

It is best to speak with potential coaches before committing to a program. Ask lots of questions, it really is an interview for both parties. How is there program structured? What nutrition principles do they believe in? How much communication should you expect to get from them? Do they provide a grocery list or recipes that match their plan? What are their credentials? What is the price structure?

A discovery call gives you the client and the coach the opportunity to talk about your goals, ask questions and see if there is a genuine connection. Your coach is going to be your accountability partner and teammate for the next few months, so you need to feel comfortable talking openly and honestly with them.

Hiring a coach means You are free to be 100% yourself. You can confide in your coach all the habits, challenges, Missteps and frustrations you have without fear of judgement. You have access to education, support and accountability from someone who is excited to see you succeed.

Coaching involves a financial commitment. Knowing you have invested in yourself goes a long way in keeping you accountable for your decisions. Most people will be more focused and have greater success when they are spending their hard earned money, they are less likely to throw in the towel when money is on the line.

Although coaching can be expensive, it is far cheaper than years of diabetic testing supplies, doctors’ visits and hospital bills racked up from chronic diseases that result from never making a commitment to your health.

My mission with each client I partner with is to equip you for long term optimal wellness after our time together ends. I hope to educate you so that you are confident in your knowledge of nutrition and capable of making healthy choices on your own. With knowledge comes confidence and a confident woman is unstoppable. I will support you every step of the way as you build a foundation of health for yourself and your family. I will hold you accountable when you are struggling, remind you of your goals and drive you toward success. I can’t guarantee you will lose 30 pounds, you have to do the work, but I can promise I will show up for you.