Breaking the Chains of Chronic Dieting

How many times have you started off strong on Monday morning, determine to “do good this week” or “stick to your diet”, promising yourself this time will be different. Tuesday goes pretty well, Wednesday is a little shaky, Thursday you eat off plan at dinner and have drinks after work and by Friday night you have thrown caution to the wind, because after all it is the weekend. Sunday leaves you feeling totally defeated, hopeless and like you will never reach your goals.

You scour the internet looking for the fastest way to lose weight, or the newest diet plan promising a quick fix. You run to the grocery store to buy all the foods that said diet includes and come home and meal prep for the week. You plan your macros, count your calories, weigh and measure everything down to the gram…because this time, you really are going to do it! But maybe you have one last bowl of ice cream and decide to start fresh Monday morning.

This is a vicious cycle so many women repeat almost weekly. I have been there many, many times. I remember visiting my parents’ house and finding a notebook I had in high school where I had recorded my food intake, and every three or four days I had written “you did bad today, will start over tomorrow.”

A decade later I was still repeating the same behavior.

The only way to break this constant cycle of failed diets and the disappointment, hopelessness and obsession that follows is to STOP dieting. It does not work. That was a hard pill to swallow for me because I was desperate to see a change. It became part of who I was and I was afraid to let it go. Afraid that if I stopped dieting, I would loose control and ultimately gain weight.

As cliche as it sounds, you have to shift your mindset in order to achieve your goals. Short term diets may work for a season, but eventually you will be on the couch, pint of ice cream in hand, looking for another way to get the weight off. Trust me, I know. You must develop a lifestyle that works for you for the long term. That’s what it’s called LIFEstyle.

Adopting a way of eating that focuses on nutrient dense Whole Foods, prioritizing healthy fats and proteins and eliminating grains and processed foods means your body is free to function the way it was meant too. You will no longer crave the foods you once did, you will be able to burn stored fat for energy, and you no longer need to diet. There is nothing more freeing than breaking the chains of chronic, obsessive dieting.