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Discover a Holistic Approach To Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Latitude Health Coaching for women offers a variety of short-term and long-term programs to serve as a blueprint for your new chapter in life. Think of us as your springboard for a lifetime of optimal health for you, and your family.

With us, you’ll receive education, support, advocacy, and guidance to maximize your results and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Your personal health coach will be with you, every step of the way, without judgement, until you are equipped and confident to continue making the healthiest choices possible.


Achieving Optimal Health Through Lifestyle Choices

Most women are not equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to avoid illness and disease. What we are taught as children, teens, and young adults about food is misguided and leads to weight fluctuations and crash dieting. 

Our bodies pay the ultimate price: chronic inflammation, fatigue, increased body fat, poor immune function, and accelerated aging just to name a few. Each of these can be traced back to the lifestyle choices we mistakenly – or unconsciously – make. But know this: you can change the trajectory of your life and improve your health, starting today. Latitude Health Coaching can help.

Why Primal Works

Primal, or ancestral, nutrition refers to a lifestyle practice that focuses on whole, natural foods and mimics the eating patterns of our ancestors. This is what our bodies are meant to eat and digest.

Returning to the ways of our ancestors is easier than you think, and the benefits of limiting processed foods that were foreign to previous generations – think grains, sugars, flours, and seed oils – is immeasurable. 

The results you see, not only in your body, but in your overall health and in your family, make this lifestyle change worth it.

You Already Know What Doesn't Work

Counting calories and macronutrients

Fad diets

Magic diet pills

“Standard American Diet”

Food restrictions

Group meetings

Point systems

Daily weigh-ins

Your Private Health Coaching Sessions Focus on What Does Work

Depending on the health coaching program you choose and the level of support you need to make important lifestyle changes, your private coaching may include:

Meal ideas and nutrition education

Primal-approved resources and weekly education materials

Weekly Email Communication

One-on-one virtual coaching sessions


Text messaging with your health coach